Tom McBriar is a doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, and a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

He’s also a writer, a professor at Tufts University, and co-founder of the podcast You Are the Doctor.

In this episode, we’re joined by Tom to talk about his time working at Disney, what he’s learned about the medical industry, and how he thinks it will evolve in the coming years.

The episode was recorded and edited by Dr. McBride.

You can find Tom’s other work on The Verge, the BBC, NPR, and elsewhere.

Tom also spoke with me about the future, his thoughts on the current state of medicine, and his favorite medical podcast.

What’s in your life right now?

I’m a doctor.

I’m also a professor, a doctor at Tuft University, an American professor of orthopedics.

I’ve been working in medicine for a very long time, I’ve done a lot of surgeries, I’m very proud of what I’ve seen, but I think the real excitement and what I think is really exciting is that I think it’s starting to open up this field, this discipline of medicine to a whole new generation of people.

What was your first experience working for Disney- ABC?

I think that it was at Disney’s Islands of Adventure.

I think they were showing us around the world, and they were really excited about what we could do.

I mean, we were there for almost a week and a half and I’m sure they were very, very excited to see what we were able to do.

It was really cool to be a part of this and to see this amazing team of people come together to create something like this.

What did you think about working for the Walt Disney Company?

I was really happy to work there, it was such an amazing experience and I was so excited to have been involved in this for so long.

How did you meet Dr. J?

I met Dr. David in the summer of 2009, he was my colleague at Harvard Medicine.

He was at the top of the list for me, I didn’t think he would be able to help me out, but he did, and he really did.

He just did an amazing job.

It’s funny, he came over to my house and we went over and he sat down with me and we talked about it and we were like, “OK, we’ve got to do this.”

So I think he knew that we were all going to be doing this together, and so we started to work together and we came up with a plan, and we did a lot.

It turned out to be one of the most important things that I’ve ever done in my life, which is that when I was done, I got a new job.

You’re also a co-author of a book with me, and you also wrote a book on the future.

What is the future for medical journalism?

There’s a lot going on in medicine right now, and what you’re seeing with all these things that are happening now, it’s really exciting and it’s changing the world in so many ways, but it’s not really about the big pharma or big pharmaceutical companies, because that’s not going to happen.

It just depends on the way you want to think about it.

I guess the way I see it is it’s just about the patients, and I think you’ll be seeing a lot more people writing and getting paid to write and do all of these different things.

So it’s going to continue to evolve.

I have a lot in common with Dr. Ben Carson, who was the first African-American presidential candidate.

He said, “I believe in a doctor as the best person to lead this country.”

That was a great thing for us to hear.

How have you been impressed with the work of Dr. Carson?

I’ve had a lot to learn from Dr. Chantal H. Brown.

Dr. Brown is a brilliant, wonderful person, and she really inspired me.

She’s really been able to look at what’s going on and she’s actually done a tremendous amount of research.

I also like Dr. H.

Brown’s work.

I know a lot about the work she does, and her work is very, really interesting and it really speaks to the challenges that we have as a country.

What do you think of the current medical profession?

I really love this profession, I think there’s a huge amount of talent, and it seems like there’s so many new faces that are being brought into the field every day.

There’s always new things coming out.

I like the fact that it’s always evolving.

The future is very bright, but we’re all still in the beginning stages of it.

Are there things that you think are in the future that we can do to improve the quality of our medical care?

I definitely agree with Drs.