The problem was so bad that Tesla employees at its Fremont factory had to go on the run.

According to the company, Tesla employees had to wear tinted windows to avoid being caught in the glare of the sun, and they were forced to wear them for six weeks.

The problem is so bad, Tesla has to hire employees to fix the problem, which isn’t the company’s faultThe company is trying to fix its tint problem, and the only people who can fix it are employees who have had to leave the factory.

Tesla is trying so hard to keep people from going on the streets, that it has hired two police officers to patrol its Fremunson factory.

And according to the report, Tesla is paying police officers not to go out on the street and report a suspected violation, but to stay in their cars and wait for them at the end of their shifts.

The police officers are being paid for their work by the company.

They aren’t being paid because they don’t have to.

This is an extreme example, but it’s an extreme situation.

Tesla doesn’t want people driving around the company with tinted window tinted cars.

Tesla has hired a number of people who have to wear the glass, and those people are also not being paid.

The company says that these employees are just being paid by the fact that they’re part of Tesla’s safety and security team.

We’re trying to do the right thing, and it’s our job to provide an environment that’s conducive to the safety and well-being of our employees and our customers.

But we’re not going to have them sitting in their car with their car glass on all the time, waiting for a car to be pulled over.