Car bombs in the UK are on the rise as the new generation of Kia cars hits the market.

A series of car bombings in the United Kingdom have been linked to a series of cars sold by Kia.

In a case in Wrexham, a car bomb exploded in the garden of a home on October 5.

A car bomb was also found near a pub in Chester on October 9.

In the second case, a device was found near St Pancras station on October 13.

It comes after a series the US state of Texas claimed responsibility for the first car bomb in the country.

Theresa May said it was ‘highly likely’ there had been a car-bomb in Texas, and she described the incident as ‘extremely worrying’.

Theresa said the ‘highly unlikely’ bomb had been the result of ‘suspicions of sabotage’ and claimed there had ‘been no credible evidence that the UK is a safe place to work’.

The prime minister also called for the US to be investigated for possible ties between the attacks and the UK.’

The safety and security of our citizens is paramount.

We can’t be complacent,’ she said.

Kia Cars has been criticised for safety features in the latest cars, which are made in the US.

Car bombs in IrelandCar bombs are on a rise in the Republic of Ireland as the economy suffers from a sharp downturn.

The explosion in Wigan last night left at least 11 people injured, including one woman who was taken to hospital with a head injury.

The blast occurred just after 10pm in a shopping centre in the city’s centre.

The car-bomber, who is still at large, was spotted by a worker who was at the centre at the time.

A police officer at the scene said he had not heard any screams from anyone inside the car.

A spokesman for the police force said: ‘The explosion occurred in the centre of Wigan, but there was no immediate threat to the public.

‘There are no other witnesses or any other information to suggest that the explosion was caused by a bomb.’

There have been at least six car bombings and two attempted car bombs in Scotland since 2015.

A similar incident took place in Glasgow in 2016.

Police have appealed for witnesses to the incident to come forward.

In 2017, the car bomb attack in Glasgow saw at least two people injured.

The attack happened at the same shopping centre as the one in the Glasgow incident.

There have also been other car bombings on the island of Ireland in recent months.

In October 2016, a bomb was detonated outside a branch of a Tesco in Co Tyrone.

A man later died from his injuries.

In March 2017, a blast in Portadown killed four people.

In April 2018, a petrol bomb exploded near a petrol station in Limerick, killing four people including two children.

In September 2018, two bombs exploded in Portrush and another one in Londonderry, killing one person.