The American conservative movement has been in the news lately for its continued promotion of Donald Trump and its support of him.

Now, a new poll out of the American Conservatives has found that the group’s popularity has plummeted to its lowest point since the Trump election.

A recent survey found that only 8% of conservatives approve of the group.

In contrast, the poll found that 52% of liberals and 56% of Democrats approve of American Conservative activists.

The American Conservatives also has been targeted for the ire of the president’s fellow Republicans in Congress and the president himself.

As the Daily Caller reported, President Trump has called the group a “bully” and a “Nazi group.”

The American Heritage Foundation, which is an organization that represents the American Heritage movement, has also denounced the group for its political agenda.

American Conservatives are now also considering boycotting Trump’s upcoming state visit to the United Kingdom.

“The American Conservative Movement is on a mission to destroy the Republican Party,” said Steve Largent, the group vice president.

This is an important step to reclaim our movement and the right to vote.”