Progressive Car Insurance is launching home health insurance coverage through Progressive Insurance Company for drivers and customers on the road.

Progressive launched a pilot program this month that is a pilot for car insurance in California.

The company says the plan will help cover drivers with pre-existing conditions.

“Drivers should be prepared to spend a significant portion of their income on insurance, which is why we’re announcing this pilot,” said Progressive Insurance CEO Scott C. Fiedler.

“We’re providing the best possible coverage for our drivers.

Our goal is to have coverage for all drivers, including those who are underinsured and uninsured.

We’re confident this pilot program will be successful and will provide a solid base of insurance for drivers in California.”

Progressive’s car insurance is now available in California, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, New York, and Florida.

The California pilot is for the first time offering car insurance coverage for pre-purchase, driver and vehicle-related claims.

Drivers will pay no premium for the coverage and can enroll online for coverage beginning on Jan. 1, 2019.

Progressive will cover pre-qualified claims from the beginning of the first year of the pilot.

Progressive’s pilot is available to consumers who have an auto or commercial vehicle in California who purchase or renew a policy through Progressive.

Progressive also offers coverage for drivers who have pre-approved drivers’ licenses and have registered with the California DMV for their driver’s license or driver’s identification number.

Progressive is also offering coverage for customers with auto insurance for up to $3,000 in excess of the annual deductible for the next 10 years.

The vehicle-based coverage will provide for the following types of claims: Accidents and injuries: Claims under the Accident Liability Coverage Program and the Motor Vehicle Insurers’ Liability coverage will cover up to the total amount of the claim for each injury or accident for the calendar year.

For additional details, see Progressive’s policy brochure, and for more information about how to sign up, call 1-800-622-2888 or visit

Property damage and personal injury: Claim under the Personal Injury Protection Plan will cover an amount equal to the deductible for each personal injury, and personal property damage will be paid for up the full amount of any personal injury claim.

The claim will be filed in the Superior Court of the County in which the property damage occurred.

For more information, call 888-738-8872 or visit

“California’s new driver-assistance programs, such as the California Driver Assistance Program and California Auto Insurance Program, provide comprehensive coverage for the drivers of all vehicles.

Progressive Insurance is excited to be the only insurance company offering this type of coverage to drivers,” said Paul R. Ritchie, President and CEO of Progressive Insurance.

“This pilot program is an exciting step in the development of this important California driver assistance program, and we look forward to expanding the program nationwide.”

Progressive Insurance Co. is one of the nation’s largest provider of auto insurance.

In California, its flagship policy, which offers comprehensive coverage, covers vehicles worth up to 10,000,000 California Drivers’ Licenses.

Progressive Insurers has been providing driver-assisted vehicle (DAV) coverage since 2007.

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