L.L.A.’s largest hospital will have to slash some employees to make up for a $8.5 million shortfall in payments and other operating costs, according to a new report.

The Los Angeles County Health and Human Services Commission announced Friday that it will slash some positions at L.P.I.C.H., the largest public hospital in the region, as it struggles to address a shortage of beds and staff and to make payments for the new hospital, which opened in October.


L’Oreal will not pay employees for the first time since 2014.

The commission is also asking state health officials to consider closing L.O.C.’s emergency room.

LHASC chairwoman, Loni Chappelle, said in a statement that L.CHS is working with the state health department to address the staffing shortfall.

She said L.IHSC has made progress, but that the agency will continue to look for ways to close the gaps.

The hospital said in September it would cut more than 400 positions as part of a consolidation plan with L. P.I.’s main hospital in nearby Culver City.

The closure is the latest in a string of closures by the hospital in recent years.

LHSC also has faced criticism for a lack of new medical beds.

It announced last year it would close the city’s first five medical offices by the end of 2019.