The plastic wrap car seat is on sale for $3.5 million at a Nissan dealership in South Carolina. 

The car seat was developed by Toyota, which also owns Nissan Motor Co.

Toyota’s $2.2 trillion US sales are expected to grow in the coming years as more consumers buy electric cars and a wider range of technologies emerge from China.

The $3 million price tag is for the car seat with a 6-month-old child in it, which is meant to fit adults. 

In order to qualify for the sale, the car seats must be of a certain size and be certified to be safe for the child to use.

The price includes a child-safety seat that will be provided to the child, a $2,500 warranty and $3 shipping.

The product is also available in three colors, but there is no information about the exact price or availability. 

A Nissan spokeswoman said that the price reflects the manufacturer’s manufacturing cost.

The company said the seat is designed to fit infants and toddlers and was designed to offer a safe and comfortable place for them to sit for six months.

Toyotas has been working on a range of safety features, including a new car seat that features a more flexible seat for the children.