Facebook has rolled out a feature that lets people sell their own cars without paying a high price.

Facebook’s new car sharing option lets users buy a car for £15 a month and resell it for £30 a month.

Users can then put the car on a car loan and have it be paid off in full at the end of the 30-day period.

Facebook said that “no upfront payment is required” when buying and reselling the car, and that the car loan will be repaid “in full at closing”.

“You can have a car that’s just under 50% leased and the other half is on the move, and you can put it up for sale,” Facebook’s director of automotive, Brian Wigmore, said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“That’s what we’re doing for you.”

Facebook has been rolling out a new car-sharing feature in the UK, and the UK has some of the most expensive car loans in the world.

A recent report from insurance firm Insure UK found that a total of £1.7tn in car loans are outstanding in the United Kingdom, while the average interest rate on the UK’s average loan is 3.7%.

Facebook, however, has been pushing ahead with the feature.

Its car-share program, Facebook Cars, has now been rolled out to more than 30 million users.

The company said that the new feature will allow users to share their cars with others for a fee, without having any upfront payment required.

Wigmore said that this is “not a way for us to get into the vehicle loan market, but it’s a way of allowing people to get a car, get their car financed and then sell it off without having a car upfront.”

He said the feature would be available for purchase within two weeks.

According to the company, the new program will be available to people in England and Wales and the Scottish and Welsh regions.

Car loans have been an issue in the US and elsewhere for years, with people paying as much as £150,000 for cars that have been on the road for less than a year.

In a blog on Tuesday, Facebook said: “We are always on the lookout for ways to get more people to buy, rent, and use our services.

We’ve heard from customers across the country who are happy with our cars and want to share them with others.

You can get more out of a car than you can out of an apartment or condo.”