How to Buy an iPhone?

If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, India may be a good place to look, according to data.

According to the research firm iResearch India, Indian smartphone owners are the most likely to be smartphone users in India.

iResearch’s report reveals that Indians are also more likely to use their smartphones in public spaces, to use social media, and to have multiple apps in their homes.

The report also shows that Indian smartphone users are more likely than other smartphone users to be online at all times, to share their mobile phone data with others and to download apps on a daily basis.

India’s smartphone penetration figures show that nearly half of Indians use a smartphone.

In 2014, nearly 32% of Indian smartphone use was in the country, according a survey conducted by research firm IDC.

According the data, India had the largest number of smartphone users globally, with 1.36 billion smartphone users.

The country had an estimated 5.75 billion mobile phone users in 2016.

India is also home to some of the fastest-growing markets for smartphone and tablet manufacturers, according the data.

The growth of smartphone use in India is the result of many factors, including increasing adoption of mobile devices by Indians, improved internet connectivity and ease of online payments, among others.

A study by the American Association for Public Opinion Research in 2016 found that only 38% of Indians polled said they wanted smartphones and only 19% said they didn’t.

The study found that the growing smartphone use is also being fuelled by technological changes that are creating a huge demand for the devices, such as the availability of smartwatches and the ability to communicate via mobile phones.