AaaCar rental, used car dealers and landscaping dealerships have been all but disappearing from Michigan since a new law was signed last month that makes it illegal to resell vehicles with expired or expired insurance.

The law, which took effect March 1, makes it a felony to reselly a vehicle unless the buyer is the legal owner.

But the legislation is not perfect, and it has created some unintended consequences.

“The law has caused a lot of confusion and confusion among the people who need to make a decision about a car they are considering purchasing,” said David Tarrant, a spokesman for the Michigan State Police.

“There are a lot more people who are confused than they are used to.”

That’s because of an amendment to the law that’s meant to make it easier for consumers to understand what insurance covers when it comes to the vehicle they’re considering purchasing.

That means the insurance companies and the dealerships that are supposed to verify the vehicle’s age, mileage, mileage limits and other safety features are all now required to make sure their vehicles are insured.

“These changes in the law will help consumers make an informed decision when they choose to purchase a used vehicle,” said Tarrants spokeswoman, Amanda Brown.

That will be especially important for people who may have to wait until a new car becomes available to take a new lease or lease payment and then take their car out for a quick check-up or repair.

The new law doesn’t address whether or not you should take a loan to purchase an old car, but it does allow you to pay for a car you may not be able to afford.

It’s not clear if the new law will affect auto loans.

It also doesn’t apply to vehicles that are insured through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or state-mandated safety inspections.

In Michigan, there are a few other laws that are similar to the new one.

But those aren’t currently enforced.

A spokesman for Michigan’s Department of Transportation said that the department isn’t aware of any changes in enforcement.

If you’re interested in buying a car, here’s a list of states that have passed legislation similar to this one.

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