The car window is a part of the exterior of the car and is made up of two layers, called the lens and the glass.

Glass is a tough material and needs to be tinted regularly.

You need to apply the correct amount of tint depending on the type of car you drive.

It depends on the car you’re driving, how the car looks and what the vehicle is doing at the moment.

Tinting can be a tricky process, especially if you have tinted paint or other materials that are visible to the driver.

You might need to wait a few weeks before the car is tinted again.

The most common way to tint is to apply a tinted coat of paint to the glass and apply a clear coat to the window.

A clear coat will help to remove the light and prevent the car from overheating and catching fire.

If you’re going to do a new car, you might want to tint the window as well.

The window tint can be tint, opaque, clear or dark.

Tints vary in terms of strength and clarity.

The strength of the tint will vary depending on whether it’s tinted on top of the glass or just on top.

Tasting is a bit more difficult because it’s a bit harder to get the correct colour of the paint on the glass itself.

This is why it’s important to have a good sense of the colour of what you’re using.

A good idea to use is to read the directions for tinting the window carefully.

Make sure you use a colour that will not fade with the weather and keep it in the shade for a few hours.

Tilt the glass carefully to get as much of the white out of the window and as little colour into the glass as possible.

The colours can be mixed and matched.

When the window is tint, it’s advisable to put a few drops of the clear colour in the glass for every inch or two of the surface of the pane.

The more the tint is applied, the more the colour will show through the tinted coating and the stronger the colour tint will be.

For example, a clear window might look a bit orange on the outside, but a clear tinted window would make it look a lot more like orange.

The colour you’re applying should be a shade that is a shade of white that is not too strong, and not too light.

The tinting process will take about four hours.