A man in his early 20s has become the first to take photos of the body of a woman he said had been found dead in a park.

Key points:Derek Fife said he had been driving through Sydney’s central business district on New Year’s Eve when he saw a man’s body.

He drove to the scene and said the man was a “good guy” and “always wanted to help” the people around himThe man had been wearing a mask and wearing a hat when he was foundThe man, who has not been named, told police he saw the man on a bike in the central business area of Sydney on New Years Eve, before he drove through the area.

He was driving northbound along the Embarcadero Bridge at about 11:30pm on New YEAR’s Eve and said he was not expecting to see the man’s bike.

“I was pretty shocked when I saw him,” he said.

“He was wearing a white hat, and I thought that was the hat.”‘

The whole street was covered in blood’Derek, who did not want to be identified, said he noticed the man had a white mask on when he pulled over.

“When I turned around and saw that, I thought, ‘Oh my god, there’s got to be someone out there.'”

He wasn’t a very nice guy, and he was always wanting to help people.

“He drove the bike back to the street, and a few hours later, he and his girlfriend saw the body.”

It was like a shock, because I was pretty sure there was someone else in the street,” he told ABC News.”

There was a large number of police officers and ambulances everywhere.

“Derek and his partner took the body to a hospital and had it placed in a plastic bag for analysis.”

We had to wait a long time to get a DNA sample, and it took us a long while because the police were all over the place,” he added.”

The whole neighbourhood was covered with blood.”‘

I felt sick’Duty of care was owed to all the people involvedDerek said he has been overwhelmed by the response from the community.”

Some people were kind of sad about the fact that it happened, but I’m sure there are lots of people who would be really proud of what they’ve done,” he explained.”

But it was a huge, huge shock.

“Duty owed to the communityDerek is now looking into the case as a matter of duty of care, and has set up a Facebook page with more information about the case.

He is also encouraging people to share their stories with the community via social media.”

If anyone knows anything about this case, or knows anything else about this person, please let me know,” he urged.

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