Next Big Time’s Vinyl wrap car is here!

The brand is bringing a car designed for a future of vinyl wrap cars to the U.S. and is set to debut it in Detroit.

The $1,200 car has been developed to bring more vinyl to vinyl lovers worldwide.

The vinyl wrap is made of 3-ply polyethylene and is covered with a vinyl-like layer.

It also comes with a custom vinyl bumper.

It is a sleek vehicle that has been designed for the future.

It has been called a “perfect fit” for the vinyl industry and features a large front bumper and a large rear bumper.

This car has a custom-made front grill with a curved vinyl roof.

The rear bumper features a curved metal frame.

The front bumper features an air vent.

The interior of the car has the same shape as a vinyl wrap and has a removable vinyl wrap roof.

This is a vinyl car that is unique, but not quite like vinyl wrap.

We’re not sure how well this car will sell out in stores, but it should be a hit with vinyl fans around the world.

It’s a lot to take in for a car like this, but we’re glad that Next Big Things is bringing this unique car to the United States.

It should be interesting to see how the vinyl wrap business plays out in the future and if the future of the vinyl market is going to be one of vinyl or not.