The care spot is the area where the vehicle’s paint and other surfaces are kept clean, according to a new study.

A care spot could be where the owner has left the vehicle on the car’s dashboard, where the paint and trim are laid out, and the interior is covered up.

The study, which is based on research done by The Good Cars Institute, found that care spots are found in every car, but the areas where they are most common are in the back of the trunk, front seat, and trunk lid.

How care spots can be found In the study, researchers tested different vehicles.

They took photos of the vehicles’ front seats and found the most care spots.

They then tested the vehicles in different ways.

Researchers took photos at the backseat, and then measured the area of the car where the car was placed and the location where the care spots were located.

When looking at the car in a rear-view mirror, they also tested the area near the rear view mirror to determine the care spot of the vehicle.

The researchers found that the care area of a vehicle is usually in the front of the dashboard, with the top half of the dash and trunk lining up with the side of the front passenger seat, according Toepfer.

Toepfer said that the study showed that the vehicle care spots vary depending on which part of the interior the vehicle is in.

For example, if the car is in a hatchback or SUV, the rear of the rear seats could be covered by the care, while the top of the hatchback could be the main area.

If the car has a 4-door hatchback, the front seats could also be covered, but it’s likely the car owner didn’t put the dash on the dashboard.

If a vehicle has an automatic transmission, the car could have a care spot on the driver side of its dash.

The car’s rear seats may also be in the care.

As for when the care is found, it can be a sign that a vehicle’s interior is in need of repair.

A car with a care sticker on the side might not be able to take on water and mud, which can cause the vehicle to start leaking, the study found.

More on the study from MTV News: Care spot research: A car’s care spot What you need to know about car care spots The study found that when a vehicle starts to lose oil, the area around the dash where the fuel tank sits can be the most likely to have a need for care.

When a vehicle with a large amount of oil leaks, the care can be located further away from the engine, but this area may still be clean.

Car care spots in the trunk and back of a car What you should know about trunk care spots and back care spots: How do care spots differ?

When a car has an oil leak, it’s usually on the front bumper and trunk, which are usually covered with paint and the sides of the doors.

A car with large amounts of oil can also be found on the sides, especially if it’s an automatic or a manual transmission.

On the other hand, a car with big amounts of rust on the rear and sides can be very clean when it’s not in need for repairs.

The area around a vehicle where the rear-seat area is usually clean is usually the area on the passenger side of a hatch or SUV.

Back care spots usually have a lot of rust, and a vehicle that’s been sitting in a garage or garage shed may have lots of rust.

Where does care come from?

Care spots are created when the vehicle has too much oil and it starts to leak, but then it’s still in good shape.

When it gets wet, the water and dirt will dry off, allowing the paint to dry and harden.

This process can also lead to paint peeling, which causes the car to look different.

Care spots are the areas around the dashboard where the owners vehicle is kept clean.

They can be areas that have been touched or have been sprayed with paint.

Care spots also form when a car is running, and it’s difficult to see where the interior and paint will be if you’re not looking closely.