Apple Care is a free insurance plan for iPhone owners that covers basic repairs like replacing the battery and replacing the car’s wiring.

The plan covers a variety of car types, including hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, sedan convertibles, crossover and hatchbacks.

Car insurance companies typically offer lower rates to cover such minor repairs, but Apple Care covers the car for free.

AppleCare covers all AppleCare-eligible repairs and repairs that aren’t covered under a separate AppleCare program, including replacement of the battery, replacing the wiring, and replacing other accessories.

AppleCare also covers repairs on an AppleCare car, like replacing tires, air conditioning, and a cracked dash.

Apple Care covers an iPhone’s price of $20,000 or less, so it’s unlikely to cover a significant portion of the costs for car repairs or for repairs to the car itself.

Apple is offering its new AppleCare plan to all iPhone owners who are covered by a separate, free AppleCare, with a minimum of $1,000 deductible and a maximum of $10,000 in deductible per year. has more information about AppleCare.

Apple is also making it easier to get covered with a new “one-time payment” option for iPhone users, called AppleCare for AppleInsure.

The one-time AppleCare payment option is available to all eligible iPhone owners.

The new Apple Care plan comes as Apple prepares to launch a new line of AppleCare devices to make repairs and maintenance a snap for its iPhone users.

Apple previously offered a number of iPhone accessories, including new earbuds and earphones, and it plans to add iPhone repairs to its lineup of devices, including iPhones.