Car Care Australia has announced a change to its car wash guidelines that will allow car owners to use a baby car-seat in its wash.

The new policy is expected to roll out in 2017.

“The new policy will allow baby car seats in our wash to be used as car wash safety equipment,” a spokesperson for Car Care said.

“As an organisation we believe safety is our top priority and we take baby car chairs very seriously.”

The new guidelines, which were announced on Tuesday, will also allow owners to wash their own cars and motorcycles with the help of an infant car seat.

A baby car’s cradle, or car wash basket, is normally folded into a vehicle and placed into the wash bucket.

However, a baby seat can also be used to wash vehicles that have been stored in the car wash for up to five years.

The company said the policy was meant to “ensure that baby car beds can be safely used in our car wash”.

“Baby car seats can be used in the wash basket to ensure safe storage of baby car safety equipment including baby seat carriers, baby seat cushion and baby car harnesses,” the spokesperson said.

“If a child is born with an abnormality or birth defect, such as cerebral palsy, then we will have to choose a suitable way to care for the child, rather than use the car seat.”

In January, a federal court ruled that it was unlawful for Australia’s Department of Human Services to require that car wash operators use a “babies car seat” for their vehicle wash.

The department had previously argued that the policy would be ineffective, as it was already legal for car wash owners to store cars in their car wash and use the baby carseat for baby care.

However, a Federal Court judge disagreed, saying that the regulation was necessary to ensure the safety of infants and that the department was not seeking to infringe on the freedom of car owners.

According to the Australian Institute of Occupational Therapists, more than 300,000 Australians have car accidents each year and nearly 300,00 are injured.

In March this year, it emerged that one woman in Victoria had had a miscarriage.