Audi has made its name in the world of automobiles.

But the company has always strived to build something truly unique.

Here, we look at the key reasons why it’s become one of the most innovative car makers of all time.

Read more The Audi R8 R8 TDi – A very smart car Audi has introduced a new generation of the R8, the first in a series of new R8s.

It’s an evolution of the previous R8 model, the R9, with a new chassis, an electric motor, an all-wheel drive system and an all new engine.

But, perhaps most importantly, the company is introducing a new model, with more power and a more powerful electric motor.

That means the R7 TDi is the most powerful model in the R series.

Audis chief executive Herbert Diess says the R5 TDi has changed the face of the luxury car market, with the new R5 being a more refined and refined version of the model that debuted last year.

The new model has been praised by car lovers and experts.

They are the next level of performance and design.” “

They are not simply incremental improvements.

They are the next level of performance and design.”

The R8 has also been criticised by some for its lack of rear seats.

It only has a front bench seat and a back bench seat, which can be used to fold down when needed.

There is a range of options for the R-Series, from the R6 TDi to the R18 TDi, the most popular of the new cars.

The R8’s new R18 model has a base price of £31,990.

In terms of driving dynamics, the new model is the best-selling Audi of all-time, and its popularity has increased by almost 50 per cent in the past three years.

We asked Diess what the future holds for the brand.

“It’s very important for us, as a brand, to keep pushing forward,” he said.

“Our aim is to create a brand which is timeless and unique, and the new models that we are building will give us that opportunity.”