Police departments across the country are scrambling to recover stolen cars that have gone missing after they were rented from their owners.

They have been renting cars at discount rates to police departments for years.

The rental companies’ sales tactics can be lucrative for the thieves.

Some thieves are willing to sell stolen vehicles at a loss to get a price tag they can pay to rent them.

The cars are sold with little oversight or accountability from the owners.

Some police departments are even using the services of the rental companies to make their budgets look better.

Police departments are also often unaware that their departments have been using rental companies, which can have a chilling effect on police and public safety.

Some departments have even been forced to turn to the rental company to rent their stolen vehicles, and some have been forced by the companies to turn over their stolen cars to the authorities.

Some rental companies have also been using stolen vehicles to illegally sell stolen cars.

In some cases, the rental agencies have turned the stolen vehicles over to the government.

The police department is now in the position of selling the stolen cars in order to recover the proceeds.

Some officers are reluctant to go to jail for using stolen cars as a revenue source because they think the department will have no incentive to recover their stolen property.

Others have been hesitant to share information about the thefts with the police.

Many officers in these departments are not trained to handle stolen property, and sometimes they’re hesitant to talk to the police department about the theft.

The rental car companies are not the only ones who have used the rental car business to make money.

Several police departments in Arizona, Indiana, and Florida have used rental car agencies to sell cars at prices far below the market value.

The departments have made money off the sale of stolen cars by charging large sums of money to their drivers, who have often been in a financial position to repay their loans and then sell the cars for much less than they paid.

This tactic of using stolen car companies to sell their stolen vehicle vehicles has been a popular tactic for the rental industry for years, even as police departments across America struggled to recover and prosecute stolen cars stolen from police officers.

The tactic has become so lucrative that it’s become a common tactic among rental companies and their business partners.

Some police officers have even taken advantage of this tactic to make illegal drug deals, and the police departments have paid for the illegal drugs in the cars.

These illegal drug sales have created a situation where many police departments will only rent stolen vehicles when there are no other rental vehicles available to rent.

While police departments typically use the rental cars to recover a vehicle, sometimes the cars are used to sell illegal drugs and weapons to other criminals.

The officers who rent the cars often get a cut of the sale.

Many police departments even rent vehicles to the criminals, so they can make the money they make off the illegal drug business even more.

For example, in a case in Virginia, a Virginia police officer used a rental car to sell $200 worth of drugs to a man who was a suspected drug dealer.

In another case, a New Jersey police officer rented a stolen police car to an undercover agent.

Police officers often rent cars for two reasons: 1.

to avoid paying taxes or property taxes, or 2.

to buy equipment.

As a result, many rental companies offer officers the opportunity to use stolen cars and equipment for illegal activity.

One example is the practice of using a stolen car to rent out stolen police vehicles.

Another common practice is using a car as a crime scene for a drug bust.

In some instances, the car rental companies are even willing to make a profit off of the stolen car sales.

 One of the largest rental car company owners is Michael Riggs, the founder and CEO of a company called Riggs Cars.

In recent years, Riggs has rented police cars to local law enforcement agencies across the U.S. Riggs’ company rents out police cars for $2,000 a day.

Riggs Cars also offers a vehicle-rental service called Ringer.

The Ringer rental company provides police departments with a car that they can rent out for as little as $2 a day, plus $150 a week.

The company’s website claims that it has “more than 10,000 vehicles available for rental.”

Ringer’s website also offers several ways for customers to rent a police car.

Ringer offers a “call for car” option where customers can contact a police officer and arrange for a police vehicle for a specified price.

Customers can also request a vehicle to be rented to the law enforcement agency, which Ringer will rent the vehicle to.

The car rental service is advertised on Ringer Cars’ website as a vehicle that can be rented at a “very reasonable” rate.

Riggs said he rents the vehicles out to law enforcement because he doesn’t want to pay the police