Apple is working to bring cars closer to our senses with new CarCast technologies.

The technology works by allowing you to tap on the car in front of you to switch between different modes.

For instance, if you want to be able to turn your car into a music player, you can tap the car’s remote and it will start playing music and tell you when to turn the car on and off.

This is useful for driving in traffic, but you can also use it for relaxing or when you want a soothing sound to wash away your stress.

The tech works in a similar way to how Siri works for smartphones and tablets.

You just have to say “OK, Siri, get me a coffee” and the car will pop up with a coffee and a hot cup of coffee.

Apple’s tech also has some of the same problems as Siri, which can sometimes be a bit of a pain to use.

For example, it can be difficult to understand how the car is turning on or off, and sometimes it will crash into objects.

Apple has also made some tweaks to CarCast, adding a new “Music” mode and improving the way it interacts with apps.

The company has also added an “Audio” mode that lets you control your car’s audio system by simply saying “OK Siri.”

The music-control mode lets you adjust the volume and pitch of music in your car, and it’s now available in the CarCast app for iOS, macOS and watchOS.

If you’ve got a CarPlay-enabled iPhone or Mac, you should see this mode as well.

Apple also tweaked the car controls for the upcoming Siri update, adding an “Auxiliary” mode for cars that have more than one driver.

The new auxiliary mode lets the driver use their iPhone or iPad as a remote when they’re on the highway or while driving in the city.

This feature allows drivers to take control of their car’s controls while they’re traveling.

Apple has also given drivers access to a built-in navigation system.

The new auxiliary features are still not available in all cars, but are coming to select models in the near future.

For those who are looking to replace their car with a newer model, Apple has created an optional CarPlay accessory.

This lets you connect your iPhone to your car via USB and control the car with your voice, but there’s still a catch.

You have to use an app that is compatible with CarPlay.

Apple says that these apps will be available in “select models” in the future, but it is unclear when or how they will arrive.

Apple’s new CarPlay technology will be introduced in the second quarter of 2018.