How to avoid a hotwire car crash

Hotwire cars are often a hazard in a car wash.(Mister Car Wash) When the owner of a hotwired car wants to clean it up, it often means they’ll have to haul it into the wash and then pull it out of the way of the other cars in the lot.(You’ll have more space to do […]

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How to buy a cheap car insurance policy

Cheap car insurance is a big deal for anyone looking to buy an old or new car.It covers the cost of repairs and car insurance.There are also some things you can’t buy cheap car coverage for.But that doesn’t mean that you can get free coverage, either.What you need to know about car insurance and cheap […]

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How to wash a Lexus car in under an hour

How do you wash your Lexus?In the United States, there are three ways to do so: you can buy a car wash and a self-service washing station, you can use a self cleaning machine, or you can do it yourself.And while some are cheaper than others, most car wash options are much cheaper than self-sales.If […]

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Which car rental companies charge more?

A new survey of 1,500 customers from car rental agencies shows that the average cost of a used car rental company’s rental is about $600 less than the average of the average car rental website, according to a report from the Financial Times.The survey of more than 1,600 car rental agents from around the world […]

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What’s the best way to keep your car safe in the future?

Car Seat America is calling for a ban on dog-seat seats and other “unnecessary, unproven, and potentially dangerous equipment” on new car rental vehicles.The National Car Rental Association (NCA) has released its 2018 Car Seat Safety Guide, which warns that seat belts, which are typically used for children, can cause serious injuries.“If you’re going to […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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