If you’re going to travel with a car seat, be sure you get it fitted correctly.

That’s because the NHS is planning to ditch its popular, expensive, and potentially unsafe safety belt, which it calls the Saturn Car Seat, after a car crash.

The government is replacing it with a less-expensive, but still very good quality, option called the Jupiter Car Seat.

The Saturn is made from soft-shell plastic that’s supposed to cushion and hold you in a car.

Its design is supposed to reduce the risk of a car wreck, but it’s also prone to damage from road debris and collisions.

So what can you expect to do while travelling in a seat like this?

You’ll need a carseat harness (pictured) The harness will hold you securely in a space, so the car will stop if it’s in the way.

The harness also comes with a small pocket for a small camera and a camera phone to record video.

The straps are easy to fit, and the car seat is supposed a “comfort fit”.

If you can’t find a car seats harness, you can still use a car belt to hold you down and keep you comfortable, but you’ll need to remove it every time you travel.