“I had to buy a carseat stroller for my son because he couldn’t use his hands.”

“He was a little bit frustrated with me for buying a stroller that was too small for him and I needed to put more padding around him, so I bought this big stroller.”

The stroller had a big, flat seat that was hard to reach for him to sit on.

“I was so disappointed because it was so uncomfortable,” says Jen, who’s from Florida.

“It made my son feel like I was trying to make him feel better by buying a new stroller.

I just wanted him to have the same comfort as he did when he was a toddler.”

Jen also noticed a difference in her son’s behaviour.

“The first day he was walking, he was acting like he was in a different world.

I was like, ‘Oh my God, is he still in there?'” she says.

Jen says that she wanted her son to experience more freedom, and she didn’t want to be stuck with him in a car that didn’t fit his height.

“So I decided I would buy a strollers because I was happy to be able to have him sit on one, but if I needed more space, I could buy another,” she says, adding that she never thought about making a profit from her purchase.

“My son was so happy.

It made me feel better because I knew that I was supporting him.”