The remote car startup is a $10 million startup that offers car parts to people in need.

The app is called Remote Car Part and the startup is backed by some big names in the tech world like PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and even Google Ventures founder Larry Page.

But the app doesn’t make money on the device it connects to the remote car’s GPS, and the only thing that’s available for sale is a “remote car charger.”

The remote part is only for use in cars that are connected to the internet, meaning you can’t rent a car with it, buy groceries from the store, or buy groceries at a grocery store.

But the startup says it can charge the device up to $3,000 for “parts that need to be repaired” and “parts needed to install new accessories.”

It even sells batteries for its remote car part and says the remote part “provides the driver with a fully functional remote car charger, so that they can continue their journey home safely.”

The company’s website says it’s the first “smart car accessory” and says it “provide[s] the power needed for remote vehicle start/stop, vehicle charging, and emergency vehicle access.”

But it doesn’t have a specific date for when you’ll be able to buy it.

You can’t use it on your phone.