Why are you buying remote control cars?

The latest sales figures for remote control vehicles have not come in yet, but the market for these vehicles is booming.Sales have grown by nearly 400 percent since 2005, and the number of sales in the U.S. has grown by more than 200 percent.According to a new report from automotive data provider Avis Car Sales, […]

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‘Toughest’ new rules to help drive up sales

More cars are being driven to the shops for repairs and other parts.The Federal Government announced it will impose tougher fuel excise and vehicle registration requirements for vehicles registered before 1 August 2018.The new measures will also apply to new and existing cars sold in Australia.Affected car dealers will also have to give the Federal […]

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A new form of car insurance for Hellcats?

A new type of car cover is being offered to Hellcats for medical emergencies, including those caused by cancer.The new form, called Hellcat Car Insurance, is a cheaper alternative to a standard car insurance policy, which covers the cost of car repairs.“The primary reason that we’re offering this is because we know the vast majority […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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